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Amazing Groomer is the gentle new pet brush that combines three different grooming tools in one. It detangles, de-shed and bathes your pet.

It has a soft flexible silicone bristles that gently glide through fur, removing knots while grabbing loose fur for a deeper clean and shinier coat.


  • The flexible silicone fingers gently remove?knots and?massage?skin for pain-free grooming while attracting?loose hair like a magnet for less shedding.
  • This pet brush can be used not only to brush pets but also to bathe pets. The opposite side contains honeycomb ridges instead of bristles. These ridges are meant to hold shampoo that, along with water, can clean your dog or cat’s coat.
  • Amazing Groomer is also great for removing pet hair on your furniture and clothes. It is gentle enough to use on furniture and clothing.
    • Easy to clean-up. Just remove the hair and rinse.
    • The handle is about the same length as the handles commonly found on human hairbrushes for a comfortable grip.


    • Material: TPR + PP
    • Color: Blue
    • We ship worldwide!

    Get the Ultimate Grooming Combo – Amazing Groomer AND the Nail Grinder! Takes Care Of All Your Grooming Needs!


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