Batman Halloween Costumes

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Fabric Name: Polyester
Colour: Black
Product Categories: Children’s Performing Dresses/Dancing Dresses, Photographic Clothing
Main Fabric Composition: Polyester Fiber (Polyester)
Applicability Gender: Neutral/Both Men and Women
Suitable height: S, M, L, XL (CM)
S: Skirt length: 104 Bust: 66 The waist: 60 Suggested Height: 105-115
M: Skirt length: 112 Bust: 72 The waist: 66 Suggested Height: 115-130
L: Skirt length: 120 Bust: 78 The waist: 72 Suggested Height: 130-140
XL: Skirt length: 127 Bust: 84 The waist: 78 Suggested Height: 140-155
Elements: Parents and Sons, Europe and America


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