Cat Heavy Wood Scratching Posts for Protect Sofas and Other Furniture, Using Natural Sisal Cat Board Good for Kitty’s Health and Behavior, Scratching Posts can

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Cat Scratching Post Corner is a corner-shaped (90-degree angle) sisal-covered scratching post designed to safeguard your wall against even the most aggressive cat. Designed specifically for squared corners, simply attach it to a corner wall, and you’ve got instant scratch protection…and one scratch-happy cat!


  • This scratcher is great for exercise and stretching, for relieving stress or boredom, and for marking territory. It?is also a natural way to condition and promotes healthy nails.
  • The?cat scratcher provides an enticing alternative in an already scratch-friendly location, while at the same time offering needed protection for your wall.
  • This scratcher isn¡¯t an eyesore like so many other options out there. With?three different neutral colors available, matching or accenting the d¨¦cor of any room is never a problem.


  • Material:?Natural Sisal, Flannelette
  • Size: (T x W x L) 2.5 x 23 x 49 cm / 0.98 x 9.06 x 19.29 inches
  • Color: White, Black, Gray


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