Funky Animal 4 in 1 Dog Toy – Chew Toy, Squeaky Toy, Ball And A Toothbrush

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Customers have been calling this dog toy, their “Ultimate Dog Toy”!?

  • 4 in 1 DOG TOY – Chew toy, squeaker, ball and a toothbrush!
  • CHEW, TUG, ROLL AND THROW – So many things your dog can do with this toy!
  • KEEP YOUR DOG HAPPY – Help your dog fight boredom and reduce mischievous behavior when it stays at home alone
  • SQUEAKER INSIDE – Features an internal squeaker which creates a loud sound that helps get their attention and provides long-lasting entertainment
  • TEETH CLEANING TOY – Help to remove the plaque and tartar and reduce the breeding of bacteria, keeping teeth clean and freshens breath
  • PLAY WITH YOUR DOGS IN ANY PLACES: house, park, playgrounds and so on, this toy will be your dog’s best friend
  • DURABLE AND LONGLASTING MATERIAL: Made with premium and soft corduroy fabric


Measurements: 17cm x 13cm



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