Healthy Cat Treat

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Nutritious Treats For Your Cats: Contains cod liver oil, chicken extract and Vitamins A,B,C to keep your cat happy and healthy!

Prevents Dehydration:?With this tasty treat, your cats will tend to drink more water, preventing dehydration especially in the hot summer months.

Tasty & Long Lasting:?Unlike other treats, this will last for a long time!

Bottom Sticker: Comes with a sticker at the bottom to stick anywhere.

Use This to Keep Your Cat Still: Your cat will stay still for you to groom them!

Hygenic Cover: Comes with a plastic cover so you can cover it when not in use.

Each packet will contain 3 treats.

Ingredients: Chicken extract, fructose, cod liver oil and vitamins A,B,C. Protein 6%, Fat < 1.2%




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