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These realistic looking remote-controlled cat toys will bring out the hunting instincts of your cat. Cats are natural hunters and these toys are a good outlet for their natural instincts.?

Make a tease to your?pets by moving?these toy?across the floor and?have a load of fun?watching their reactions.

You can also use this to prank your friends and family members.


  • It will keep your pets alert and active.
  • It crawls noiselessly on any smooth surface.
  • You can control its movement by remote control.
  • It can turn, go forward and backward.
  • Worm toy?runs on 3 button-cell batteries (included). The snake and spider toy is rechargeable via the included USB charge cord.


  • Material:? TPR
  • Size:?12cm x 3cm / 12cm x 12cm/ 39cm x 3.5cm x 8cm



Here’s What People Are Saying About “Remote Control Cat Toy”

“So funny and entertaining, my 3 cats are absolutely enthralled with it, and I have tons of fun playing with it with them.” – Donna H, US

“My cat is going crazy playing with it, She is having so much fun and keeps watching it all the time even when it is not moving.” – Lita A, UK

“My dog was scared of it at first….now she loves chasing it around.” – John B, US


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